Avoid the Limitations of Wallet Services with QuickX

Avoid the Limitations of Wallet Services with QuickX


Cryptocurrency wallets are an easy way to keep your crypto funds readily accessible. Whether you keep them stored locally on a computer or use a server, wallet services represent a landmark shift from conventional payment processes and bank-led systems. Despite all the advantages that come with wallet services, there are limitations. Find out how these limitations can affect your cryptocurrency usage and how the new QuickX wallet can help.

Restricted Options and Slow Transaction Speeds

With some services, you have to maintain separate wallets for each type of currency. This makes it difficult to exchange funds and use them at your discretion.

Similarly, many who get paid with cryptocurrency or use it for purchases find themselves dealing with slow transaction speeds. According to Kaspersky, transactions can take days or hours to go through. This is a common problem for those who store their wallets locally on their computers and need to download transaction information prior to use. As a result, you’re prohibited from using your money when you need it.

Lost Funds and Security Issues

After investing in cryptocurrency, the last thing you want is to lose access to your funds. Kryptomoney reports that losing a wallet containing cryptocurrency means losing your money forever. While a lost debit or credit card can be fixed with a call to the bank, there’s no such recourse for owners of lost wallets.

There are additional security concerns for some types of wallet services. There are security issues with both mobile and desktop wallets, as reported by Digital Nomad. Phones are very easy to hack and infect with malware, leaving your mobile wallet susceptible to corruption or theft.

Desktop wallets are also prone to corruption. In the event that your computer dies or gets malware, you lose your wallet and all of the funds within it.

Why QuickX is the Solution

The issues that come with cryptocurrency wallets aren’t easily dismissed, and they can seriously impact the growth of this technology. The QuickX platform addresses the delays, fees, and limitations currently hindering growth in the industry. Rather than waiting hours or even days for your funds to become available, you get instant access to your coins with QuickX.

You also avoid the risks of locally stored coins with QuickX. Since your coins aren’t stored on your hard drive, but rather on a cloud service, you enjoy greater security and the knowledge that your funds will be available when you need them.

QuickX works with a variety of cryptocurrencies, streamlining your funding options and sources. Instead of juggling a variety of logins, you benefit from easy access through QuickX. This platform also gives you an easy way to trade different currencies without delay.

With the solutions presented by QuickX, cryptocurrency can continue to grow and revolutionize the financial industry.

If you’re using cryptocurrency, it’s essential to take extra steps to protect your assets. QuickX handles some of the most prevalent problems experienced by those who use and receive cryptocurrency, making it an invaluable asset.