Potentials Market Segments that will Grow with QuickX

Potentials Market Segments that will Grow with QuickX


QuickX is a newly proposed protocol that was designed with an aim to solve the existing problems in the blockchain. An analysis of the existing protocols was done by the developers of QuickX before it was created. The protocol has a huge potential in the near future and is expected to target the following market and user segments.

A solution for the enterprises

With more people adopting cryptocurrencies, it is natural that there will be a rise in the number of people who wish to pay in cryptocurrencies. This opens doors to a new market segment where merchants will accept cryptocurrencies and more e-commerce platforms will be likely to integrate with QuickX protocol.

Sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrency

This particular segment is expected to receive the maximum acceptance as it will make very easy for the QuickX users to send and receive money. It will be an ideal platform to make cross-chain transfers and make payments.

Blockchain wallets

The QuickX protocol provides a multicurrency debit card and wallet support. All blockchain protocols use hashing, timelock, and multisig functions, and are, therefore, compatible with QuickX. Therefore, this increases the interoperability of different wallets.

Opportunity for individuals to become pooling and transaction facilitators

The much-needed liquidity offered by QuickX protocol is provided by its pooling facilitators. Therefore, anyone with enough liquidity reserve can become a pooling facilitator. This is a good investment opportunity for an individual. Initially, this segment will target the high volume traders and existing users of cryptocurrency. Transactions in QuickX need transaction facilitators to provide it support. Individuals can also get involved by becoming transaction facilitators.

Provision for cross-chain communication

Cross-chain communication was a much-awaited concept in the world of blockchain and QuickX has managed to make it really easy. Compatibility with QuickX can be of great advantage as it is expected to create a really large network of different protocols

The advantages offered by QuickX are many and it will increase the reach of cryptocurrency by making it suitable for day-to-day transactions done by common people. It provides instantaneous and seamless transfer of cryptocurrencies between two parties just like the traditional banking system. QuickX is a must-have for all crypto assets users and holders.

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