QuickX launched its MVP – Multicurrency Blockchain Wallet

QuickX launched its MVP – Multicurrency Blockchain Wallet


The QuickX multi-currency and asset wallet allows the users to have complete control over their money through private keys. It boasts of secure storage of cryptocurrencies. The security is provided through strong encryption and cryptography which make sure that your funds are under your complete control.

The purpose of this wallet is to help you do the transactions in simple but secure manner. The wallet is designed with special attention towards the user interface. The creators have made the application easy to use by enabling the complex crypto-world to be better understood. QuickX, through this wallet, has attempted to bring the people closer to the crypto-world and made it suitable for adoption by masses.

The wallet can be accessed readily as the mobile app. It can be used to send and receive funds to and from users through a secure and ultra-fast mechanism.
Here’s an outline of features offered by QuickX wallet:
1. The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies
2. Transactions will reflect in real-time in the wallet.
3. Users will be able to see the value of their crypto assets in fiat currencies like EURO, USD, etc.
5. It can be accessed easily through an android app.

QuickX MVP

The version V1.0 of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of it will hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICON, VeChain, OmiseGo, QuickX, Tronix, EOS, ZRX, and Zilliqa.

QuickX is a decentralized platform that provides the solution to all the fatal flaws that were keeping cryptocurrency from being used in day-to-day transactions. The protocol offers great advantages through its components and applications like payment gateways, multicurrency wallet, multicurrency debit card, and cryptocurrency swap utility.