QuickX Team to be a part of Korea Blockchain Summit 2018

QuickX Team to be a part of Korea Blockchain Summit 2018


The QuickX team is going to be a part of the prestigious Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 to be held at Seoul, South Korea on July 12-13, 2018. The summit is expected to feature 30 industry experts who will address the conference, present use case studies, and take part in technical discussions.

Over 500 senior and target decision makers will be in attendance and will discuss the blockchain technologies and their potential. This will include all major sectors like finance, banking, insurance, transport, healthcare, energy, retail, manufacturing etc.

The QuickX team will be participating in the conference and Kshitij Adhlakha, the founder, and COO of QuickX, is among the few esteemed speakers who will address the conference. He will talk about the inception of QuickX protocol and its applications. The protocol provides the blockchain ecosystem with much-needed cross-chain communication while also solving the issues like high transaction costs, scalability issue, and low speed. Mr. Adhlakha will shed light on the usability of QuickX and how it makes cryptocurrency suitable for mass adoption.

The QuickX team invites the keen minds, who want to explore this further, to interact with us and know more about this ground breaking protocol